Best eyewear brands for the tech-obsessed

Get ready for the best eyewear brands tailor-made for your digital lifestyle. From adaptable sunglasses to AR frames, we've got your eyes covered with style and great features!

Best eyewear brands for the tech-obsessed
Check out these smart glasses for the tech obsessed

Gear up, tech enthusiasts! It’s time to explore the world of smart eyewear. Today, I’m rounding up the best eyewear brands for the tech-obsessed, and man, are these frames cool!

Yes, from smart assistant-equipped sunglasses to AR frames for professional use, there’s bound to be a high-tech pair on this list that suits your needs and preferences.

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One of my favorite technology-forward frames is the TCL RayNeo X2. Running on the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 platform, they have the potential to elevate the education, entertainment, training, and gaming sectors.

Other innovative glasses are the RAX next-gen outdoor smart glasses. Designed for outdoor use, particularly biking, these glasses deliver open-ear music and a stable fit for helmet use.

Ready to make your eyewear as innovative as the rest of your gear? Keep reading!

1. AI-powered AR glasses

TCL RayNeo X2 in a video

Treat yourself to an all-in-one AI assistant with the TCL RayNeo X2 AR glasses. These AR glasses have a techy look and bring the benefits of AI to your everyday life.

How? With the AI+AR feature, you can interact with AI avatars directly. They can give you personalized information whether you use the glasses for work or entertainment. The glasses can even translate languages in real-time, which is a great feature if you travel or work internationally.

2. Smart glasses for the outdoors

RAX Smart Glasses
RAX on a person wearing a helmet

Get smart glasses tailored for the outdoors with the RAX next-gen outdoor smart glasses. They’re designed to stay put on your head, even if you’re wearing a helmet.

Meanwhile, the UV+ protection ensures safety in the sun while the Open-Ear Wireless speaker keeps riders connected to their surroundings. There’s even a microphone for calls. With up to 28 hours of battery life, you can talk or listen all day.

3. ChatGPT-equipped eyewear

Solos AirGo3
Solos AirGo3 with black frames

Looking for seamless interaction with ChatGPT? Then you won’t want to miss the Solos AirGo3. These AI smart glasses support natural conversations with the AI chatbot, eliminating the hassle of typing.

I like the Whisper Message & Events feature. It allows text-to-speech abilities that quietly play your messages aloud, so I can hear my messages on the go. Even better, these smart glasses have a language translation capability for 10+ languages.

4. A pocket-sized monitor

Lenovo Legion Glasses
Lenovo Legion Glasses on a person gaming

Take home entertainment above and beyond with the Lenovo Legion Glasses. These smart glasses are essentially a plug-and-play monitor for games and movies with their Mirco-OLED display.

Thanks to an extended VR display, the device recreates the look and functionality of a larger screen. The content is only visible to you, and it offers a 60Hz refresh rate, high color and contrast range, and high-fidelity built-in speakers. With these glasses, Lenovo is one of the best eyewear brands for the tech-obsessed right now!

5. Multifunctional AI spectacles for prototyping

Brilliant Labs Frame in on a person wearing a hat

Boasting a fun and quirky style, the Brilliant Labs Frame AI glasses have smart features to help you throughout your day. Out of the box, they give access to AI models such as Perplexity, ChatGTP, Whisper, etc., to answer your questions.

The glasses also translate speech and text and let you search the internet. You can also fit them with your prescription lenses. And, of course, you can develop for the Frame, too!

6. Spatial computing glasses for AR developers

Xreal Air2
XREAL Air 2 in use

Other smart glasses for developers are the XREAL Air 2 Ultra. This eyewear lets you map virtual objects onto the real world. In fact, you can create AR experiences with the latest NRSDK 2.2 which has improved spatial computing abilities.

Meanwhile, the sleek and stylish design is one you’ll look forward to wearing. Plus, the electromagnetic dimming lets you switch between 3 dimming levels with just a touch.

7. A wearable display for work, games & more

Best eyewear brands for the tech-obsessed
ASUS AirVision M1 on a mannequin

Have you ever wished for more screen space on the go? With the ASUS AirVision M1, you don’t have to make room for another monitor. This gadget adds extra screen real estate to your field of vision, which is why I’m including it on my list of the best eyewear brands for the tech-obsessed.

The FHD resolution gives you clear, easy-to-read text. Plus, with 1100 nits of peak brightness, images are vivid. The low response times ensure reduced blur in games and fast movie action.

8. Stylish smart sunglasses with Alexa

Best eyewear brands for the tech-obsessed
Carrera Smart Glasses on people outdoors

Want to look amazing in your wearable tech? Then, the Carrera Smart Glasses are right up your alley. Flaunting the distinct Carrera design, these frames keep Amazon Alexa at your side, ready to answer your questions and commands.

I appreciate how these glasses combine design and functionality. Carrera is well-known for its fashionable sunglasses. At the same time, these glasses are packed with smart features like hands-free music and communications, smart home control, open-ear audio, and more.

9. Tint-changing smart sunglasses

Best eyewear brands for the tech-obsessed
Ampere Dusk in blue frames

Yes, you can change the tint of the Ampere Dusk sunglasses via a smartphone app. That way, whether you’re in full sun or battling subtle rays on an overcast day, you always have the correct level of tint.

I appreciate these glasses’ ease of use. I can change the tint by pressing a button on the frame or in the Ampere app. Thanks to the tint changing, they fullfill the role of multiple pairs of sunglasses. That’s why they made my list of the best eyewear brands for the tech-obsessed.

10. Mixed reality fitness glasses

Best eyewear brands for the tech-obsessed
Morrama Lab Issé on a user

For the fitness-minded, there are the Morrama Lab Issé mixed reality glasses. This smart eyewear displays apps, widgets, health and stress updates, and more. It even lets you design a fitness avatar.

I’m most impressed by the switchable lens design. It lets users swap lenses from frame to frame, which is one way we might adapt technology to suit our daily needs. You could have a sporty frame for workouts and an elegant one for work.


What are smart glasses, and how do they work?

Smart glasses are wearable technology devices incorporating features like augmented reality (AR), heads-up displays (HUDs), and connectivity to smartphones or other devices. They work by integrating miniature displays, cameras, sensors, and sometimes speakers into the frames or lenses of the glasses. This allows users to receive notifications, access information, take photos or videos, and interact with digital content directly through the glasses.

What features should I consider when shopping for smart glasses?

When shopping for smart glasses, consider factors such as display quality, compatibility with your smartphone or other devices, battery life, comfort and fit, durability, and available features and apps. Additionally, think about whether you prefer a more discreet design or one that incorporates bulkier components for more functionality, such as extended battery life or advanced AR capabilities.

Are smart glasses safe in terms of privacy and data security?

Like any connected device, smart glasses raise concerns about privacy and data security. It’s important to choose reputable brands and manufacturers that prioritize user privacy. Be sure to review the privacy policies and terms of use for any smart glasses you’re considering, and familiarize yourself with the data collection and sharing practices. Additionally, consider options for controlling and managing access to personal data and settings on the smart glasses themselves.

What are some common use cases for smart glasses?

Smart glasses have various potential applications across different industries and activities. Common use cases include hands-free access to navigation directions or information while driving or cycling, immersive gaming experiences, remote assistance and collaboration in healthcare or industrial maintenance, real-time language translation, fitness tracking, and workout guidance. When shopping for smart glasses, consider how you intend to use them and look for models that align with your specific needs and preferences.

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