PROTECTiQ Pro review: this rim guard preserves your car’s look

Protect your rims from scuffs and scratches with the PROTECTiQ Pro. It acts like a defender for your wheels and has a universal fit.

PROTECTiQ Pro review: this rim guard preserves your car’s look
The PROTECTiQ PRO is a bodyguard for your rims

Streetside parking is a nightmare in my city, so I understand the pain and frustration of scratched car rims. Thankfully, there’s a new solution: the PROTECTiQ Pro by RIMiQ. This clever rim guard covers pristine and scratched rims, prolonging their lifespan.

According to the company, this product works like an invisible barrier against curb scratches, scuffs, and dings from rocks. Engineered using the latest technology, it has a stylish look with bold colors. Plus, it’s easy to install and affordable.

All that sounds great to me. If you, too, want to safeguard your rims from street curbs, rocks, and typical wear and tear, see my in-depth review below!
PROTECTiQ Pro in a video

Defend your rims against scratches and scuffs

In my city, the streets are so narrow that I park with my tire touching the curb. However, it’s easy to overshoot and nick or scrape my rims against the concrete. Therefore, a rim guard like the PROTECTiQ Pro is a game-changer.

The PROTECTiQ Pro is made of rigid, OEM-grade materials that provide industry-level protection for car rims. What’s more, the interior 3M tape ensures a strong, long-lasting bond for protection I don’t have to worry about. Meanwhile, the product’s patented blueprint won a SEMA award. So, I know this car accessory is high quality.

With this product on my car rims, I can parallel park with less stress and get as close to the curb as I want. The PROTECTiQ Pro covers the rims, so nothing happens to them. They keep my car looking new, and the bright colors add a sporty look.

Protect any vehicle’s rims up to 24″

This rim guard easily covers the wheels of my compact car. But it’s not just great for me. Thanks to a universal fit, it also suits the rims of motorcycles, SUVs, and pickup trucks.

The package comes with 26 feet of material, which can cover up to four 24″ wheels. So, whether you drive rocky backcountry roads with a truck or zip off to work on your motorcycle, you can protect your rims with the PROTECTiQ Pro and keep your vehicle looking great.

Install the PROTECTiQ yourself

I typically don’t repair or install anything on my car. My husband works with industrial machines, so he’s the repair guy in our family. However, the PROTECTiQ Pro is so user-friendly that I don’t even have to ask for his help.

Installing this rim guard only takes 4 steps. First, you clean the wheels with special wipes provided. Next, you peel off the 3M liner and stick the trim to the edge of the rim. Third, you cut and seal the joining section with the included clear strip. Finally, you press over all sections to ensure a good seal.

That’s it! There’s no need to remove your tires or hammer anything into place. In fact, you can install this rim guard in your garage or driveway. The easy setup allows everyone to drive with blemish-free rims.

Ride in style with this rim protector

After 4 years of city life, the scratches and dings on my car rims make it look older than it is. Luckily, the PROTECTiQ Pro covers them completely, and now my vehicle looks surprisingly polished and cared for.

And I can honestly say that I love the look of the PROTECTiQ Pro. Available in 6 bright colors: blue, yellow, white, silver, black, and red, it adds personality to my ride. I’ve always loved sportier cars, so I’m happy this rim protector adds some fun color.

Go for a lifelong guarantee and an affordable price

I write about gadgets for a living, and I can tell you that it’s a rare day that I find one with a lifelong warranty. But this rim guard has one. RIMiQ is so confident about its product that they’ve given it an industry-leading warranty.

In addition to a long warranty, this rim protector is also a great value. It’s currently just $78 on Kickstarter, which is quite a decent price for something that protects your rims. Many similar products sell for more. This makes the PROTECTiQ Pro a cost-effective way to defend your car.

My final thoughts on the PROTECTiQ Pro

Living in a city with narrow streets and tight parking spots, I often worry about damaging my rims against curbs. However, with the PROTECTiQ Pro, I can park with confidence, knowing that my rims are protected by its durable, OEM-grade materials and strong 3M tape bond.

The easy installation process, universal fit for various vehicle types, and vibrant color options make this product even more appealing. Not only does it provide peace of mind on the road, but it also adds a stylish touch to my vehicle.

With its lifelong warranty and affordable price, the PROTECTiQ Pro is a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to keep their car looking pristine for years to come. Preorder yours today for $78 on Kickstarter!


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