BOLOTOR Bolo Packs review: a multipurpose hiking backpack for any adventure

Trek through mountains, parks, and more with everything you need when you have the BOLOTOR Bolo Packs. It comes with a slew of useful features.

BOLOTOR Bolo Packs review: a multipurpose hiking backpack for any adventure
The BOLOTOR Bolo Packs feature awesome outdoor essentials

I love hiking with my family, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to see the BOLOTOR Bolo Packs on my list of products to review this week. This multipurpose hiking backpack combines a backpack, removable cooler, and versatile 8×8 tarp.

When my husband and I hike or go camping with our kids, we need multi-functional gear. Not only do we have to carry all our stuff, but our hands have to stay free to, say, pull a kid out of the mud.

That’s why an outdoor backpack like the Bolor Packs makes so much sense. It incorporates the Bolo Cooler, which we can use to keep drinks and food cold. Then, the 8×8 tarp transforms into a picnic mat, hammock, tent, fly tarp, tent roof, and blanket. It’s truly an all-in-one outdoor backpack!

Want to learn more? Check out my in-depth review below!

BOLOTOR Bolo Packs in a video

Bolo Packs at first glance

When I first saw the Bolo Packs, I was struck by its functional appearance. It’s a backpack that means business, so the look is durable and utilitarian—all things I appreciate in a camping backpack.

I’m also happy about the material, 210D nylon ripstop fabric. It’s tear resistant and long lasting. Plus, with a #8 waterproof zipper, the bag is up for rugged use, which is exactly what my family and I need.

Meanwhile, the bag comes in 3 colorways: Navy, Green, or Gray. So you can choose the hue that best matches your style.

Keep snacks and refreshments cool

My family and I enjoy stopping for a picnic while we’re on a hike. This multipurpose backpack, with its integrated cooler, makes this family pastime easier than ever. You see, when you utilize the backpack’s cooler option, the entire backpack becomes cold food storage.

You can place a few ice packs inside for sandwiches and fruit salad. You can also fill it with ice and use it as a portable drink cooler for a party. The construction is sturdy, and it integrates easily with the rest of BOLOTOR’s system.

This feature isn’t just great for hiking; the Bolo Cooler can enhance fishing trips, sailing expeditions, visits to amusement parks, and much more. If you want cold drinks and snacks for your activities, this backpack provides them.

Relax in the portable hammock

I mentioned earlier that the Bolo Packs feature an 8×8 multi-use tarp. My hands-down favorite use of it is as a portable hammock. I can suspend it between 2 trees to create a rest spot for when our kids need a break from walking. My husband and I can also lie in it when we want to relax.

No matter your age, a hammock is an excellent way to relax outdoors. There’s something so calming about lying in a hammock, swaying in the breeze while listening to the birds chirp in the trees overhead.

BOLOTOR Bolo Packs at a beach

Carry a compact tent

The tarp also transforms into a tent, which is a lifesaver on hot summer afternoons. After a morning of walking, my family and I can set up the tent after lunch and relax under its shade with board games.

Overall, I’m impressed by the tent’s durability and stability, which I wasn’t expecting. Often, compact products compromise quality for the sake of portability. I’m happy to say that isn’t the case here.

Check out the Fly Tarp, Sidewall, Bolo Blanket & more

The multipurpose hiking backpack boasts other configurations worth noting. One is the Fly Tarp. It’s ideal for adventurers who want protection from light rain, wind, and sun. It’s lightweight, easy to transport, and can be set up in various ways, from sunshade covers to rain shelters.

In the Sidewall configuration, users can transform the tarp into a wall with pockets for organizing gear like bait, fishing line, and tackle. It can even hold DIY items like nails, bolts, and screws for your next project.

And that’s not all! The bag also has the Bolo Blanket, Tent Roof, and Picnic Mat functionalities. With so many uses, this bag makes my husband and I feel like we’re ready for anything when we go hiking.

Stay organized with the Detachable Backpack

Staying organized during outdoor adventures is always a challenge. Water bottles, extra clothes, and energy bars all seem to sit at the bottom of my typical backpack in one messy pile. So, finding something quickly is next to impossible.

But that’s not the case with the Detachable Backpack. It offers plenty of packing space, so I have room for all our necessities, and the fully-opening closure ensures I can see the bag’s entire contents at once. That way, I don’t have to dig through everything to find the one EDC item I’m after.

Enhance your outdoor adventures

The BOLOTOR Bolo Packs have exceeded my expectations and have become an essential companion for our family’s outdoor adventures. From its durable construction to its multifunctional design, this multipurpose hiking backpack has proven a reliable companion.

The integrated cooler keeps refreshments cold during lakeside picnics, while the versatile 8×8 tarp offers endless possibilities, from creating a hammock for relaxation to providing shade as a tent. The various configurations, including the Fly Tarp and Sidewall, further enhance its usefulness, ensuring we’re always prepared for whatever nature throws our way.

I wholeheartedly recommend the BOLOTOR Bolo Packs to anyone seeking a reliable, functional, and innovative solution for their outdoor adventures. With this backpack, my family and I can hike, camp, and explore without the typical hassles.

Want this multipurpose hiking backpack for yourself? Preorder it for $210 on Kickstarter.

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